Folgers Coffee Brightens Your Day With The Aroma Of Good News

The Best Part of Wakin’ Up has always been Folgers in your cup and now there is another way to brighten your entire day. The makers of Folgers coffee are excited to announce the launch of The Best Part, a new interactive way to read and share positive news through social news feeds.


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users can like and follow The Best Part to receive positive, fun and optimistic content. The aroma of good news is sure to become the best part of each and every day. Fans are invited to join the social conversation by sharing their own inspiring content, such as a meaningful personal story or photo of an act of kindness. Folgers will share some inspiring fan posts to motivate others!

“The Best Part community is an opportunity for those who share the Folgers optimistic outlook to join together and brighten days everywhere,” said Maribeth Burns, Vice President, Corporate Communications, The J.M. Smucker Company. “We hope to see this community grow and have a positive impact on people’s lives.”

The Best Part is also introducing a new Folgers Wakin’ Up alarm app. The app greets you with upbeat tunes, positive pieces of good news and inspiring comments from The Best Part community that can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, or email to brighten someone else’s day.

Join The Best Part community at, @bestpart on Twitter and @bestpart on Instagram.

Download the Folgers Wakin’ Up alarm app at the App Store or find it on Google Play.

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