Food Has a Makeover in Big Bazaar’s Ode to Food Campaign

Big Bazaar has been a preferred destination for food, staples and grocery for over 15 years. It has been serving millions of people walking into its stores across country every week.

Now with Indian consumers undergoing massive change in their lifestyle and shopping, Big Bazaar has taken the onus of reflecting this beautiful change, which is making the daily lives of people better and more enjoyable, through its wide product range. It also reflects the journey of Big Bazaar beyond just great deals and prices into newer and more evolved ways of beautifying every aspect of the consumer’s life.

Khane Ka SamayThe Food category enjoys the largest contribution at Big Bazaar. The hypermarket chain has not only offered best prices on staples through Wednesday Bazaar, but also inspires people to try new foods through its constantly changing product mix.

The brand now wanted to reinforce its leadership stance by propagating its point of view on food. It wanted to romanticize food, its role in people’s lives and highlight its services and product offerings which enable a better life through fresh food and delectable meals.

Khane Ka Samay1The brand realized that inspite of regular offers on food through Wednesday Bazaar and other regular sales, food had become a commodity to be purchased at Big Bazaar – just another item to be ticked off the shopping list. Food needed an image makeover; its role in the lives of people needed to be re-established.

Hence, DDB Mudra West and Big Bazaar attempted to reawaken the Indian kitchen with the campaign ‘Khane Ka Samay’.

Khane Ka Samay2The film ‘Khane Ka Samay’ is an ode to food. The visuals promote the audience to spread the aroma of food, from the kitchen across the home. It propagates the idea that food gives the tinge of newness to our relationships making food time, family time. The tantalizing food shots take viewers’ taste palates on a ride. The film tells stories of families bonding over a freshly cooked meal, of the older generation experimenting with and appreciating new cuisines, and of recipes that reflect the eclectic mix of cultures. The film highlights that food holds a legacy which passes from one generation to another and is an amalgamation of new and old, acting as a bond between the loved ones.

Khane Ka Samay3The film is being showcased at cinema screens across India.

Quoting on the film, Sadashiv Nayak, CEO, Big Bazaar said, “In India, food is culture. It is a collective experience. It’s about sharing and bonding, right from the farms where neighbours, kith & kin join hands in tilling, sowing and harvesting of crops to homes, where it is about love, to temple as offering to God. This film reinforces our belief that serving India is about winning heart share.”

Sonal Dabral, Chairman and CCO, DDB Mudra Group added, “In a world of fast food and fast life, we don’t even have time for the most vital act of eating. We rush through food in our small cubicles. This campaign aims to rekindle our love for food by celebrating every bit of this delightful process, right from choosing ingredients to chopping, grinding, mixing, cooking and savoring every bite. It’s an honest attempt to make people step back from their busy lives, take out some time and enjoy their food with their families.”

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