Food Nerds Get Their Own Online Community

Professional Secrets 1Home cooks with high ambitions now have their own website: Professional Secrets takes its members behind the serving hatch into some of the world’s best restaurant kitchens to discover the inside secrets behind preparing a momentous meal.

Do you love to cook? Do you want to grow your skills and learn how the pro’s in restaurant kitchens work miracles? Professional Secrets takes you behind the serving hatch of some of the world’s top kitchens.

“Learning how to cook great meals is pretty cool, but learning the real insights about how to prepare a great meal beyond just cooking it is hot stuff,” says Dave Noble, who is launching the UK’s first real website for those aspiring to love, breathe and live being a true foodie.

More and more cookbooks are published all the time, yet few explain how to select the best raw materials and achieve stunning results by using the correct techniques – like the pro’s do in top restaurants. The aim of Professional Secrets is to inspire and help members by passing on this elite – often arcane – knowledge.

Applying the know-how and tricks of professional chefs not only makes it more fun for people to cook, it also helps you make better choices. The more of us who want better raw materials and livestock, the greater the chances we will get them. Our emphasis at Professional Secrets is on quality and striving to use food products in better ways – with less wastage as a result.”

Professional SecretsThanks to Professional Secrets, members gain access the practical skills applied every day by the world’s top professional chefs to deliver food of the very highest quality. They learn how chefs practice their trade successfully in top restaurants from Paris to Stockholm, London to New York City and Mumbai to Beijing.

“Knowledge evolves and changes,” says Dave Noble. “So Professional Secrets will also change as we harvest more and more knowhow and transfer it to our readers to help them serve up a perfect culinary storm.”

Membership of Professional Secrets is completely free. Members can ask questions and get answers from an open forum, share recipes, and harness the knowledge of other foodies about different cuts of meat, filleting fish and preparing vegetables. Professional Secrets will also be launching its own Apple and Android apps in the UK with lists of organic butchers, food markets and much, much more.

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