German Spirit Brand O’Donnell Moonshine Launches in the UK

German Spirit Brand O’Donnell Moonshine are pleased to announce their launch in the UK.

After three successful years in Germany and with over 70,000 bottles sold in 2016, O’Donnell are now moving into their new premises in London and are looking forward to delivering their product to people up and down the country.

Moonshine refers to alcohol produced illegally during the American prohibition (1919-1933). Farmers all over the country used to produce and then fill Moonshine into jars to be sold in the cities all across the US.

Symbolic of this past are the traditional “Mason jars” which were used as containers for Moonshine, which are also used by O’Donnell Moonshine as their containers. They are not only a reminder of the past, but a symbol for the simplicity and purity of its content.

O’Donnell Moonshine is available in four flavours:

  • “Original” O’Donnell Moonshine is a Barrel- aged wheat spirit with 38 % vol.
  • “Bitter Rose“, a fresh mix of grapefruit, rose hip and elderberry. To be drunk neat or with tonic, it’s the perfect summer drink.
  • “Roasted Apple” is a blend of apple, lemon juice, cinnamon, vanilla and almond.
  • “Tough Nut” is a hazelnut, nougat liqueur, refined with the flavours of creamy caramel and whiskey aroma.

Source: O’Donnell Moonshine

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