Glacéau Vitaminwater Relaunches This Winter

Glacéau vitaminwater, the original, great tasting drink from New York, has announced a fresh new look to its packaging and reformulations to its ranges. All eight variants will now contain a stevia-based sweetener meaning a reduction of 30% in sugar levels and 30 fewer calories per bottle.

Apart from the introduction of stevia, each variant will also have its vitamin and mineral blend revised too, adding further vitamins and minerals to some variants. Still great tasting and refreshing, variants will continue to be made with spring water, natural flavours and no artificial colours.

In addition, new clearer labels are being introduced to communicate these changes, which feature quick reference pictograms, designed to highlight key nutrients to consumers and the functionality they bring to the drink. The labels will also showcase updated pack copy, which continues in the brand’s tongue-in-cheek tone of voice.

Philippa Classey, Glacéau vitaminwater NWEN Marketing Manager says: ‘We are always looking for ways to improve our products. This is an exciting set of changes for Glacéau vitaminwater – our consumers have always loved the taste of our drinks. Being able to keep the products tasting great, but with fewer calories and introducing stevia from natural origins and an updated nutrient blend is a fantastic step. After an amazing Olympic year in 2012, we’re in the starting blocks ready for a great 2013.’

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