Gousto launches limited-edition popcorn line ahead of the Oscars

Flavour that pops: Gousto is giving the classic cinema snack bucketfuls of flavour, inspired by the nation’s most-loved dishes

  • Cinema smugglers: Over half (59%) of Brits admitting to sneaking pizza, curry, cereal and even sushi into the cinemas
  • Men are TWICE as  likely to take leftovers to the cinema than women
  • But 1 in 5 (20%) people say they never go to the cinema, preferring the comforts of home viewing
  • Championing home-cooked classics: Gousto’s new popcorn line includes Sunday Roast, Katsu Curry and Hawaiian Pizza flavours.

Food takes centre stage this awards season, with Gousto’s new show-stopping menu of popcorn flavours. Taking inspiration from its best-selling recipes, Gousto is bringing its big mealtime flavours from the dining table to the comfort of the sofa, perfect for enjoying all the entertainment we expect from the 95th Academy Awards.

A new study by Gousto revealed that 35% of people said they no longer go to the cinema, instead preferring to stay at home and stream, with 53% of households enjoying making popcorn at home to mark the occasion. 

For those who do still enjoy a night at the movies, the study found that only one in 10 (9%) Brits see traditional popcorn as “essential” to the cinema experience. Other foods now play a huge part of the experience, in particular, home-cooked food. 

In fact, almost two thirds (59%) of cinema-goers love their meals so much, they admit to smuggling pizza, curry, cereal and even sushi into the big screen. Only 9% of Brits splash out on snacks at the cinema itself; in fact, thrifty under 50s are three times more likely to take leftovers to the cinema than older cinephiles, and men are twice as likely as women.  

So, ahead of the biggest home-viewing movie event of the year, Gousto is giving Brits a chance to go maverick this Oscars season with five fantastic popcorn flavours, inspired by British classics, international icons and controversial food combos:

  • Steak, Truffle Roasties & Herby Yorkshire Pud: As with all the best Sunday dinners, the roasties are the star of the show, seasoned with herbs and truffle in this British fave, paired with hints of succulent beef steak. (Vegan)
  • Hot & Spicy Chicken Vindaloo: Don’t be fooled by its sweet nature – this flavour has an aromatic spiciness that creeps up on you as you crunch!  (Vegan, GF)
  • Creamy Macaroni Cheese: Taking this classic combo to new heights with a smooth and creamy blue cheese tang, this all-American classic is ridiculously moreish. (GF)
  • Sweet & Spicy Katsu Curry: Rich, tangy and delicately spiced, this take on the Japanese staple is powerfully flavoursome. (Vegan)
  • Bacon & Pineapple Hawaiian Pizza: Smoky bacon is paired with zesty pineapple for an ultimate sweet ‘n’ salty combo that never fails to be a popcorn prizewinner.

The innovative range has been created therefore for film-loving foodies, especially those who see the Oscars as the perfect opportunity to stay ahead of the season’s films, from the comfort of their own home.

Gousto ambassador, comedian and on-screen star, Katherine Ryan, counts herself as one of these people. She said: “I’m a huge fan of the Oscars – I tune in every year from the comfort of my couch. I’ve rarely seen any of the movies but I live for the drama, the dresses, the decadence – all of it! And when it’s over three hours long, great snacks are an absolute MUST, so I jumped at the chance to help Gousto bring the big flavours of its meal recipes to one of my favourite sofa-snacks. 

“All five flavours are so moreish but my favourite has to be the pizza flavour because I actually hate eating pizza, but I LOVE the flavours of pineapple and bacon, so what could be more perfect!?”

Andrew Lewis, Food Director at Gousto, said: “With awards season in full swing, we seized the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the choice and variety we offer. What’s fun is that whilst this popcorn is entirely new, we’ve stayed true to the choice and big flavour that we’re famous for. We know our customers love to try new things – it’s why we have 250 recipes on our menu every month – and we hope our customers are inspired by our latest innovation which brings home-cooked flavour to the classic cinema snack, for film fans everywhere.”

Film-loving foodies can bag a limited edition box of popcorn, by emailing flavourthatpops@manifest.group or heading to https://www.gousto.co.uk/blog/five-star-flavour.

Gousto is the UK’s best value recipe box, with over 75 scene-stealing recipes to discover on the menu every week, from just £2.99 per meal*. Head to Gousto.co.uk to find out more.

Source: Gousto

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