Halls presents: Just Breathe Through It

The new campaign is launched across various media channels in Brazil and was created by DAVID Madrid

Every day, we face situations that feel like a big deal. Situations that make us gasp in horror and breathe a sigh of relief as they get sorted. Halls, being the brand that helps people breathe better and has always encouraged everyone to take deep, meaningful breaths is the best partner for those moments, helping people realize that everything will be okay if you breathe through those sticky situations.

In this film campaign, created by DAVID Madrid, the plot presents an intern, at the office, mistakenly sending a sticker with his boss’s face to the work chat instead of his colleagues’ chat. Uh-oh. From then on, each step of this story unfolds in moments of suspense and fun, requiring deep breaths all along its way. With the help of Halls, In the end, our character’s bravery to breathe through the hardship eventually gets him off the hook.

The film was aired on cable TV, movie theaters, and social media platforms like Meta, TikTok, and YouTube.

Final Credits

  • Agency: DAVID Madrid 
  • Campaign: Just Breathe Through It 
  • Client: Halls (Mondelez) 
  • Partner, Global CCO: Pancho Cassis 
  • Global COO: Sylvia Panico  
  • CGO US: Ricardo Honegger  
  • CCO: Saulo Rocha 
  • ECD: Renata Leão, Edgard Gianesi  
  • Group Creative Director: David Krueger 
  • Creative Director: Sebastien Rouviere, Pedro Sattin  
  • ACD: Renato Simon  
  • Creative team: Hernan Irarrazaval, Maria Espada, João Cunico 
  • Head of Art: Camilo Jimenez  
  • Account: Tom Gil, Deborah Lederman, Renan Borges, Stephanie Modesto, Claudia Solano, Pedro Fragata  
  • Strategy: Carolina Silva, Daniela Altenfelder, Julia Smidt, Beatriz Bastos, Beatriz Jannini 
  • Production team:  Alejandro Falduti, Diego Baltazar Macías  
  • Data: Mailson Dutra, Ademir Menezes, Ana Veiga 
  • Global PR Director: Sandra Azedo  
  • Client Approval: Anna Carolina Teixeira, Pedro Mendes, Fernanda Machado, Mariana Noronha, Pedro Studart, Laryssa Queiroz, Gabriela Lima
  • Production Company: Hogarth 
  • Image Production Company: Primo Content 
  • Director: Santi Dulce, Julieta Cabrera 
  • Audio: HEFTY

Source: DAVID Madrid

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