Havas London, You Are Here and Big Buoy Cook up Tasty Looking Ad for New Covent Garden Soup

Havas London teams with You Are Here and Big Buoy to help New Covent Garden Soup take the plunge in its new warming winter spot. Whilst a dip in an ice cold lake is probably the last thing on our to do list right now, something about the endearing attitude of New Covent Garden Soup’s thrill-seeking girl gang has certainly inspired us to welcome winter with open arms.

Featuring an all-female cast equipped with colour, zest and enthusiasm, ‘Soup’s Up’ is a reminder to us all to do the things we love come rain or shine, safe in the knowledge that when we do, a comforting bowl of wholesome soup can help rejuvenate us afterwards.

Antonio Jiminez, Flame Operator on the project, commented: “The shoot took place at the end of the summer, which proved interesting when trying to replicate the breath of a winter athlete. The technique I used involved generating particles with wind simulation: similar to that of a passing train.”

Big Buoy Colourist, Mark Horrobin, elaborated: “I tried to make the leaves on the trees as frosty as possible and spent quite a bit of time trying to soften shadows and highlights so the sunlight was a softer winter sun. The challenge lay in knowing when I had taken it too far, as things can very quickly start to look over-graded.”

Source: Little Black Book

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