Hennessy Aim to Alter UK Perceptions of Cognac with Sensory Experience

hennessyHennessy, the LVMH-owned Cognac brand, is to host an interactive, sensory tasting experience in order to market itself as more than an after-dinner tipple.

The Hennessy X.O Odyssey will be activated within Moët Hennessy’s UK headquarters in south west London. Guests will be introduced to an infinity-style room of mirrors, with each reflective surface revealing one of seven ‘facets’ that make up the drink.

These include ‘sweet notes’, ‘spicy edge’ and ‘wood crunches’. A piece of film art created by Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn will also be displayed in the mirrored space

The 90-minute experience will conclude with a tasting session led by mixologist Ryan Chetiyawardana – AKA Mr Lyan – who has designed a series of serves designed to excite the on-trade about the ‘extra-old’ cognac, and hopefully dispel preconceptions that the spirit it just for after-dinner drinking.

Max Helm, Hennessy UK’s brand ambassador, said: “This experience is designed to disrupt and inspire our mixologist and sommelier partners. We want to reset the expectations for Hennessy and X.O in particular by showcasing the spirit in a multidimensional way to dispel the misconception of X.O being restricted to a digestif. In the UK, cognac is still perceived as an after-dinner drink, served in a traditional way. We want to encourage everyone to think differently and innovatively about XO and the possibilities of this surprisingly versatile complex spirit.”

The Odyssey experience launches March 23 with Polar Black Events executing the live initiative.

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