Hungry Enough to Eat a Horse? Skippy & BBDO Have the Answer!

Skippy introduces Skippy P.B. Bites, a peanut butter coated, double peanut butter or pretzel filled snack that’ll be a hit for kids, their mums and horses. Yes, horses. Skippy continues their “Yippee!” campaign this year with a P.B. Bites launch spot entitled “Horse”.

HormelSkippyPBBitesEmbeddedWhat happens when a boy returns home from school and, in typical over-dramatic kid fashion, is “so hungry he could eat a horse”—then finds himself face-to-face with one?

Created by BBDO MPLS, the 30 second spot features a horse who is indignant over the phrase and is behooved to put a end to it.

Directed by Steve Miller, the spot features voice over from famed announcer, American TV journalist and producer Bill Kurtis, and a rendition of the classic horse racing fanfare – “First Call” – performed by Prince’s trumpet player, Steve Strand.

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