Hungryhouse Launches New Reality-TV Style Advertising Campaign

Hungryhouse, the online food ordering platform, has unveiled its innovative ‘reality-TV style’ advertising campaign. Featuring its new ‘Love Takeaway’ tagline, the adverts showcase the genuine, unscripted moments that people share when enjoying takeaway and taps into the nation’s love of reality TV. This is the first step in a new direction for the brand – that focuses more on the customer, than the product.

hungry-house-love-takeaway-stills-02No actors were used for the campaign, with eight groups of real people who were street-cast and then filmed over several hours discussing all things takeaway. This technique captured authentic interactions and relationships, showing the candour and humour that occurs when people get together to share a takeaway, including the ‘fork versus chopstick’ debate and some precise onion ring throwing.

The first advert goes live on 30 September and will roll out across national TV, including sponsorship of E4’s ‘Big Bang Theory’, as well as on digital and social channels. This is the first in an ongoing series of adverts that will evolve over time, with longer length cuts available on YouTube and promoted via social channels.

hungry-house-love-takeaway-stills-09The TV campaign is the first time the new ‘Love Takeaway’ tagline has been used and will now roll out across all hungryhouse collateral. This campaign was created by Wordley Productions and is the first major creative delivery since last year’s successful ‘Tap & Taste’ campaign.

Alice Mrongovius, CEO at, said: “With this campaign, we’re going one step farther than we ever have to really connect to our audience and demonstrate to our customers how much we understand them, and their takeaway needs. We had a lot of fun bringing real people together for this campaign and watching them talk all things takeaway, it resulted in many ‘couldn’t make this up’ moments. It’s a bold move, but we feel it perfectly encapsulates our ambition to have a deep knowledge of our customers and understand their needs better than any other takeaway provider.”

hungry-house-love-takeaway-stills-08Hardey Speight, director of the advert series, said: “I always love a commercial shoot with real people – a rare commodity in the advertising world! Our cast were found all over the UK, and were totally unpolished, unpredictable, and unscripted. After trawling through masses of footage we crafted some wonderful mini-stories, little glimpses into the lives of our cast, stories that weren’t about take-away itself, but about life lived around the take-away experience. A beautiful dose of silly heart-warming everyday reality.”

Source: Wordley Productions

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