IHOP Surprises Customers for Oktoberfest with New Pumpkin Pancake Beer

Inspired by the return of Pumpkin Spice Pancakes, IHOP has created a very limited edition batch of Pumpkin Pancake beer called IHOPS.

The American pancake house are celebrating the start of fall and the beginning of Oktoberfest by blowing their customer’s mouth’s mind with a stout that not only tastes like a pumpkin pancake, but seeks to bottle that warm-and-fuzzy feeling of pancakes as well.

In partnership with Keegan Ales and using their expertise in creating the perfect stout, IHOP have folded in some of their secret ingredients to make IHOPS.

Always on the forefront of flavour innovation, IHOP infused its buttermilk pancake mix and a selection of the ingredients in IHOP Pumpkin Pancakes to create an innovative and first-of-its kind new beer flavour profile.

Customers always get excited for the beginning of the fall season with pumpkin flavoured foods or even drinks. The new pancake flavours and craft beer mark the beginning of the season where everyone can come together over pancakes and a pint.

Starting September 24th, IHOPS will be available for a limited time in select bars and at beer festivals across the tri-state area – listed on the IHOP website here. IHOPS will not be available in IHOP restaurants. The launch is supported by a new campaign by Droga5 New York.

Source: Little Black Book

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