In Greece, Buy And Sell Home-Cooked Meals On This Interactive Website


There’s nothing quite like a warm, homemade meal, but some of us don’t have the privilege of enjoying one every day.

In Greece, this doesn’t seem to be a problem. Social website, ‘Cookisto’, brings foodies, cooking enthusiasts, and just about any hungry person together through food—delicious, home-cooked meals, to be exact.

Residents simply search for what’s cooking near them, choose what they like, and purchase the meal through the ‘Cookisto’ site.

Users can search for the exact type of food they are hankering for, or even a specific cook—the better ones are lauded on their buyer review page.

So far, the website has engaged more than 18,000 rumbling stomachs, and more than 1,300 cooks. ‘Cookisto’ will soon operate in the UK as well.


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