Isobar Kicks-off the Summer with ‘Pringleoke’ Stunt for Pringles

Bullion’s Jack Newman – in association with Isobar – has created this high-octane, totally relatable “Pringleoke” piece, which sees Pringles kick-off the summer with their chips….and music! Two perfect ingredients to get your summer going.

We all secretly love a little sing along-especially when we think no-one’s looking. Jack subtly links this consumer insight with the irresistibility of Pringles to create a light-hearted, feel-good film that’s perfect for the summer!

Pringles TaxiDirector Jack Newman commented: “The key to delivering the smash hit Pringles “Taxi” piece was to drive as many genuine and natural reactions as possible from the public. Substantial planning, design and agency collaboration went into developing the unique taxi as we devised a cunning plan to get passengers to sing… as though no-one was watching.

We concealed one-way mirrors between the driver’s cabin and passenger seats, an Alexa mini, along with smaller, black magic cameras hidden in speaker boxes. We wanted the passengers to lose themselves in their own private space, escaping from the real world for a just a few moments so they could enjoy letting their hair down. The reactions from people were just amazing and we had such a laugh making it.”

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