Jeremy Clarkson Consoled With Free Snickers Bars in PR Stunt

snickersEmbattled Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson can find some solace from his present travails courtesy of a supply of free Snickers bars courtesy of the confectioner, in an extension of its ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ campaign.

The reactive PR stunt saw Snickers dispatch a box of 48 bars of the nutty chocolate to the Top Gear studios following revelations that the combative host had engaged a producer in an expletive-laden rant after being denied a hot meal at the end of a tough days filming.

This scenario has parallels with Snickers long running AMV BBDO TV campaign in which sees chocolate dispensed to hungry folk transformed into divas by their rumbling tums.

Clarkson’s legion of fans has seen a tweet announcing postage of the package retweeted over 1,200 times although commentators point out that allegations involving assault, as in this instance, don’t always lend themselves well to stunts of this nature.

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