Johnnie Walker Pledges a Million Kilometres of Safe Rides Home Around the World

JOHNNIE WALKER® Pledges a Million Kilometres of Safe Rides Home Around the World to Reinforce Responsible Drinking MessageJohnnie Walker – in partnership with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver Sergio Perez and two-time world drivers’ champion Mika Häkkinen – launched a global free ride home programme as part of its Join the Pact responsible drinking campaign.

Ahead of the 2013 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix, the Johnnie Walker brand announced its ambition to gather a further one million pledges to never drink and drive by inviting consumers around the world to use the hashtag #ImNOTdriving on social media.

To honour the one million commitments, Johnnie Walker will give away globally one million kilometers of safe rides home – equivalent to travelling around the world’s equator 25 times. The programme begins in Singapore this week.

Johnnie Walker has placed responsible drinking at the heart of its eight-year partnership with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes.  As a result of the partnership more than one million consumers around the world have already signed a pledge never to drink and drive. The new safe rides home programme seeks to attract an additional one million personal commitments.

On the weekend of September 22 in Singapore, Johnnie Walker will kick off the campaign in partnership with SMRT Corporation Ltd (SMRT) – Singapore’s mass transit provider – to give away 10,000 kms of safe rides home and private drive home by Mika Häkkinen.

During his time as the Johnnie Walker Global Responsible Drinking Ambassador, Mika Häkkinen has visited more than 30 countries meeting key stakeholders and consumers and reaching millions of people with responsible drinking messages.

He said: “I am passionate about encouraging responsible drinking and I’ve been around the world with Johnnie Walker to spread the message. At Singapore I’m looking forward to being the ‘designated driver’ at the Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge event as well as to meeting race fans and seeing more of this beautiful city.”

JOHNNIE WALKER® Pledges a Million Kilometres of Safe Rides Home Around the World to Reinforce Responsible Drinking MessageGavin Pike, Global Brand Director, Johnnie Walker, said: “Our partnership with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes has given us a strong platform from which to talk about responsible drinking. We are reinforcing our commitment to this cause through one of our most ambitious responsible drinking campaigns to date and I encourage race fans everywhere to Join the Pact by pledging their personal commitment to not drink and drive by using #ImNOTdriving this weekend.”

“Johnnie Walker is dedicated to personal progress, it is what the brand personifies, and we believe that responsible drinking is part of that progress. Launching this campaign globally shows our commitment to encouraging responsible drinking through setting world-class standards in responsible marketing and by promoting the message with our racing program,” added Gavin.

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver Sergio Perez added: “I am very excited to join Mika and Jenson Button as one of the global responsible drinking ambassadors for Johnnie Walker. Responsible drinking is a very important issue and, as a driver with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, I feel that it’s my responsibility to use my position to reinforce this message to our fans around the world. I love the idea of using a simple hashtag to make your pledge to never drink and drive – it means that you have no excuse not to do it.”

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