Josh Duhamel “Checks Out” Unsuspecting Diet Pepsi Fans … at the Register

With every refreshing sip of Diet Pepsi, you’re getting more than a drink; you’re getting a bubbly timeout that brings fun to your day … and, sometimes the delightful surprise of meeting a famous face.

This summer, Diet Pepsi is teaming up with Hollywood actor, Josh Duhamel to bring the fun to fans. Unsuspecting Los Angeles shoppers who chose Diet Pepsi on July 12 were surprised to have Duhamel check them out … at the register, of course.

The new video features an incognito Duhamel posing as a store clerk scouring the aisles, parking lot, and register lines to find and “check out” Diet Pepsi fans.

An elaborate hidden camera set-up gave Duhamel the chance to play up his comedy chops and surprise shoppers throughout the store.

From stocking the shelves to corralling shopping carts to taking over the in-store loud speaker, Josh stops at nothing (literally, nothing) to deliver a refreshingly unexpected break in the everyday routine of grocery shopping, all of which is captured on film.

“I had a blast ‘checking out’ Diet Pepsi fans at the cash register, it was like hosting my own candid camera!” Duhamel joked. “Seeing the surprised reactions in real-time was really fun and I hope we gave a lot of shoppers a great story to tell their friends and family.”

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