Just Add Hot Water To This Disposable Bag To Brew Two Cups Of Coffee

Grower’s Cup1Danish coffee brand Grower’s Cup has come up with a convenient way to brew a warm cup of Joe.

Created by managing director Ulrik Skovgaard Rasmussen, “The Coffeebrewer” is a product that is shaped like a disposable bag. The bag contains coffee filters and a French press, and all one has to do is simply add hot water to it to make a cuppa.

The bag is coated with polyethylene and has a resealable opening and a spout. Users pour in 300 milliliters of water and wait for two to four minutes for the coffee to brew. This bag makes two cups of coffee, and it can be kept warm by placing the cap back on the spout.

Grower’s Cup2Rasmussen came up with this idea in 2002, when he realized that he had run out of filter papers for his coffee machine. He spent years researching and developing his product so that coffee could be brewed without machinery.

The Coffeebrewer is now available in 18 countries, and brews up to 12 different blends. Each bag costs about US$2 to $3.

Grower’s Cup3

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