JWT’s Berocca Social Booster Gives Young Singaporeans an Edge on Facebook

Berocca Booster_photoWant to get an added competitive edge in the push to look good on social media?  JWT Singapore and Berocca have created the Berocca Social Booster widget to give young Singaporeans that extra edge on Facebook, putting them one step ahead amongst the hipsters and lead opinions on social media.

Berocca Boost is a performance multi-vitamin product designed to give consumers an instant pick-me up. The multi-vitamin beverage contains Guarana, which is a natural energizer that helps promote memory retention and physical endurance. Berocca Boost provides a fast onset of extra energy when consumers need it most.  To help the brand put that idea into action, JWT Singapore created the Berocca Social Booster, a widget that gives consumers a boost on their social network standing by finding nuggets of news so that they can be the first to share online.

“As much as the clothes we wear, the music we listen to or the books we read, our social media exploits define how cool we are,” says Valerie Cheng, JWT Singapore’s Chief Creative Officer. “The Berocca Social Booster gives consumers an extra edge in the race to lead, whether by way of thoughts and opinions, or to share the latest reads and trends with   their online community of friends.”

“With a few easy clicks, users can easily avail themselves to the latest trending topics and interests distilled from the boundless world of the Internet. The Berocca Social Booster gives users an added buzz to their social media persona to step up the tempo as they so wish on topics of their interest. It helps lend an extra edge when you need it in everyday life, much like Berocca,” says Eileen Kuan, Bayer’s Berocca Marketing Category Manager.

After all, young Singaporeans spent at least 5.5 hours on average per day on social media platforms and close to 93 per cent of those surveyed in a Singapore Polytechnic study spent their time on social media reading content. The study also found that young Singaporeans between 15 and 35 years old prefer to communicate on social media with their friends than face-to-face.

Users can download the widget from www.facebook.com/BeroccaBoostSG, and then select their favorite categories of interest: sports, celebrity juice, politics, business, technology, lifestyle, art & design, fun & humour, and science. The widget serves up a selection of the latest news, culled from over 100 sites, to the user, who can select or comment on an article and then hit ‘boost’ to automatically post it on their Facebook page. The widget gives consumers an extra advantage by helping them be the first to share the latest happenings.

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