KFC Hong Kong Celebrates the Year of the Rooster with Latest Campaign

Everyone’s favourite “Finger Lickin’ Good” brand is making mouths water with the release of their limited edition Golden Butter Corn Chicken in Hong Kong, to celebrate Lunar New Year.

Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong, teamed up with KFC Hong Kong to release the commercial, which features a young boy going around Hong Kong gathering lucky Lunar New Year items for his family in time for the holiday. His last stop sees him buy a bucket of KFC’s mouth-watering Golden Butter Corn Chicken – which is the only way to ensure your Chinese New Year luck is complete.

The mobile game, ‘Golden Fortune Bucket’ employs innovative gameplay, linking smartphones together for a unique and interactive experience. By scanning a QR code and placing your smartphones around a KFC bucket, an animated chicken runs from phone to phone – just like a wheel of fortune – until it reveals prizes for the lucky winners. Not only is the game fun, but it places KFC’s iconic bucket of chicken at the centre of the Rooster celebrations, quite literally!

For further support, Ogilvy also partnered with Hong Kong’s underwear manufacturer, Chicks, to produce KFC branded red ‘lucky undies’, which could be won as part of the mobile game.


Chief Creative Officer: Reed Collins
Creative Director: John Koay
Creative Director: Matt Nisbet
Creative Director: Roy Yung
Associate Creative Director: Kitty Tang
Associate Creative Director: Kai Fung Chan
Associate Creative Director: Spring Liu
Art Director: Elaine Li
Illustrator: Florence Chan
Head of Creative Technology: Craig Mason
Senior Web Developer: Leslie Cheung
Web Developer: Dick Tang
Web Designer: Kevin Chan
Digital Producer: Paulina Pang
Business Partner: Penny Chow
Associate Account Director: Sincere Ng
Account Manager: Parkus Lee
Senior Strategist: Angus Chow
Associate Strategist: Chloe Yung
Senior Producer: Jacqueline Ho
Producer: Virginia Tse
Broadcast Assistant: Tammy Lau

Source: Campaign Brief

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