KFC India Challenges People to Open a Box of its Chicken Using Only their Minds

In an age where our attention span has become short-lived, many find it increasingly difficult to focus on any single task over a specific period of time.

KFC India recently used this to promote its new ‘Nashville Chicken’ and challenged the attention span of members of the public. ‘Tele-connect to Nashville’ is a hands-on experience that gave individuals the chance to open a box of KFC chicken not with their hands, but with their mind.

Nashville legend has it that if one concentrates hard enough, reward will surely ensue. With this in mind, KFC awarded those who succeeded with prizes ranging from flight tickets to visit Nashville, Tennessee, USA, a year’s free supply of KFC chicken, to KFC gift cards.

Mumbai agency Blink Digital used NeuroSky, a mind-reading headset, and Arduino micro-controllers to measure each participant’s level of concentration. While some fell short, others completed the task with ease.

Source: Design Taxi

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