KFC Unveil New Ad Highlighting The Love Between A Man & His Dog

The inseparable, unchangeable love between a man and his dog is the centrepiece of a beautiful new campaign from KFC developed by Ogilvy Sydney, which goes live Australia-wide from January 2016.

Aimed at promoting another unchangeable love – that of KFC’s Original Recipe Burger – the campaign follows the story of a tradie and a dog that he’s rescued from a muddy construction site, and the bond forged between the two.

hero shot for mediaSays Derek Green, ECD, Ogilvy Sydney: “This campaign is pure storytelling. It’s about ‘the love that never changes’; a man, his dog, and the KFC Original Recipe Burger. We’re extremely lucky to have such a confident and brave client like KFC. Together, we’re striving to push the boundaries of our ‘life should always be Finger Lickin’ Good’ platform. From the uninhibited joy of Plucka on a skateboard to the love affair between a man and his dog, and his KFC. We’re incredibly proud of the result.”

KFC’s Nikki Lawson said while KFC’s Original Recipe Burger was its first ever burger, it has not been promoted on its own for some time.

“The Original Recipe Burger is KFC’s Crown Jewel, and is highly successful, it remains highly popular and it hasn’t changed from the day it was launched. We felt it was time to celebrate this fantastic burger. The result is an aspirational story about the love between a man and his dog, communicating how some bonds, and the love of the original, simply do not change,” added Lawson.

Several TVCs will launch this week, followed by cinema, website, radio, social and digital pre-rolls.

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