KFC’s Explosive New ‘Hot & Spicy’ Campaign Visually Brings Heat to Life

Ogilvy & Mather (Ogilvy) has launched a new campaign for KFC in Hong Kong for their signature Hot & Spicy recipe. The campaign visually brings to life the hot sensation of the product with real-life fireballs.

The thre key visuals – Space Shuttle, Dragster, and Heroes – seamlessly swaps out explosions with the real product, photographed under lighting conditions that replicate each of the chosen scenarios.

“Hot & Spicy is one of the Colonel’s signature recipes, and certainly a favourite amongst our customers here in Hong Kong. It’s a classic flavour, and this work brilliantly delivers the product promise with a playful execution for the brand to capture attention,” said William Tsing, Marketing Director, KFC Hong Kong.

The campaign has launched in-store across more than 60 branches across the territory, and is complimented by print advertising, online promotions, and key outdoor media which will launch in the coming week.

Commenting on the campaign concept, John Koay, Creative Director – Ogilvy Hong Kong, said, “Hot & Spicy delivers a blast of fiery heat with every bite. But its crunchy texture and colour is visually similar to a real-life fireball. So this visual duality became our inspiration – and we just love how it’s come together in such a simple, yet universally understood way.”


Client: KFC Hong Kong
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong
Chief Creative Officer: Reed Collins
Creative Director / Business Partner: John Koay
Creative Director: Matt Nisbet
Associate Creative Director: Kai Fung Chan
Art Director: John Koay
Account Manager: Stella Fung
Project Manager: Jennifer To
Photographer / Illustrator / Retoucher: Illusion, Bangkok

Source: Little Black Book

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