Kids Save Santa from an Embarrassing Disaster in Intermarché Christmas Ad

Each year, on Christmas Eve, 1.6 billion kids set out a glass of milk and a cookie in the hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there. And each year, he feels obliged to eat over 1.6 billion cookies to prove his passage. The only problem is that those chimney flues don’t get any bigger…

Thankfully, in French retailer Intermarché’s new Christmas story by Romance, a little boy, with the help of his big sister, decides to tackle the problem. Working right up to the big day, the siblings toil away to make sure Santa eats better. Each day they prepare small meals using Intermarché’s products for the jolly old elf in the hopes of saving Christmas. What the two lack in talent, they make up for in adorability. Will their plan work? One thing is certain: they’ll come out of the experience closer than ever.

After having moved audiences everywhere this past March with ‘L’amour L’amour’, Intermarché intends on re-awakening those cherished childhood memories with this new work, also directed by Katia Lewkowitz. In the same spirit as Proust’s famous description of his treasured madeleine, Intermarché is celebrating the artichoke, because the brand’s goal remains unchanged: to help you eat a little better every day.

Somewhere between an ad and a short film, this spot, filmed in the UK, borrows the title of Henri Salvador’s famous song, ‘J’ai tant rêvé’ (‘I’ve dreamt so much’). The song brings a special meaning to the work. More than any original mix possibly could, Salvador’s song draws another character into the story – that of a grown-up flashing back to such emotional memories, and that of the audience.

Vincent Bronsard, Strategic and Operational Marketing, Intermarché, said: “The transformation of Intermarché’s marketing and communication is putting us on the path of becoming the ‘emotional leader’ of the market. More than anything else, these choices are bearing fruit, store traffic has gone up 0.5 points. Our ambition with this film is to take the ‘eat better’ crusade even further, and to continue our progression.”

Christophe Lichtenstein, CEO of Romance, said: “After watching the finished film, I couldn’t help saying to myself ‘that’s it, we’ve staked out our territory.’ In 2017, with Intermarché, we laid out the brand’s strategic and creative foundations. We’re lucky to be able to build a brand as powerful as this and to be a part of the “eat better” crusade along the way.”

Alexandre Hervé, Executive Creative Director of Romance, said: “I’m extremely proud of this film. The year has been rich in successful Intermarché campaigns. My role here is to strengthen and mobilise the creatives in the agency and to keep them on track. Above all else, we’re lucky to have a client as ambitious and courageous as Intermarché.”

The two-and-a-half-minute spot premiered November 26th on French TV.

Source: Little Black Book

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