Kopparberg Introduces Security Tag to Deter Pint Glass Thieves

BBCbKopparberg is seeking to crack down on light-fingered cider drinkers with the launch of a custom security tag for its new designer glassware.

The obtrusive lock wraps around the body of the pint glass and comes imprinted with the slogan ‘I know it rocks but please don’t steal it’, an attempt to reduce the number of glasses vanishing into handbags and back pockets.

Currently on trial at Jaguar Shoes in Shoreditch, London, the devise is intended to explode with ink when the glass is transported more than 100m from the bar.

It follows research indicating that 90 per cent of people have stolen or considered nabbing a glass from the bar whilst out drinking – particularly custom designed glasses which have become collector’s items.

A number of flagrant thieves even posted pictures of their illicitly obtained wares on social networking sites, turning the drink holder into vases, a desk tidy and even a candle-holder at home.

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