Let’s Rock Your Tonic With Gibson’s!

ecd43bca-5e36-4b6a-879c-edd9ce459bb1The London Dry Gin Gibson’s launches its new limited edition, inspired by its British style and spiced up with an eccentric twist.

Proud of its origins, the La Martiniquaise owned Gibson’s, positions itself as the cheeky Gin brand from England, drawing its identity from the punk rock musical movement born in the 70’s.

The Gibson’s limited edition is bold with its vivid red and blue colours and its specific cap.

The Gibson’s British punk rock territory is also celebrated in a new communication visual, featuring a graffiti style and celebrating the iconic Gin & Tonic cocktail.

The brand, with its citrus fruit aromas and hints of angelica and coriander is also perfect in fruity cocktails.


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