Liquid Experience Starts Crowdfunding Campaign for Miss Cola Soft Drink

Liquid Experience Limited, a beverage company based in London, UK, started FundRazr campaign to raise capital for the launch of carbonated cola soft drink Miss Cola into the market. Are you prepared to be surprised about a new cola? A cola that delivers maximum refreshment, great taste and looks great?

Miss Cola is the new dynamic and exciting cola delivers unmatched refreshment. It’s a carbonated beverage that contains caffeine from the kola nut and flavoured with vanilla and other quality ingredients.

PrintCreated to satisfy the refreshment needs of aspiring people throughout the world and with it’s unique taste experience, Miss Cola delivers the unique refreshment experience that people are looking for today. “It is our mission to refresh and completely satisfy the world and it is our vision to make a can of Miss Cola available within arms’ reach of every person all around the globe,” says Liquid Experience Limited Founder and CEO Dotun Olusi.

The drink is natural, non-GMO, and contains no preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Designed as an alternative to heavily flavored, overly sweet drinks, Miss Cola is a refreshing option and a better way to fuel your body.

The FundRazr campaign is live now. The goal amount of £200,000 will help company bottle the first production of 330 ml sleek aluminum cans of carbonated cola soft drink Miss Cola. In addition, donors will receive 10 shares in Miss Cola Company. One share is equivalent to £1. Minimum contribution is £10.

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