Lizi’s Granola Launches A New Grab & Go Healthy Breakfast

OriginalNo time for breakfast? Struggling to think of a way to eat a healthy breakfast on the go?

Try Lizi’s Granola On The Go – a single serving of delicious granola in a self-contained pouch and spoon pack.

Cleverly, lactose-free milk powder is already added, so just add a few spoonfuls of water to create the perfect tasty and healthy breakfast.

The ultimate in convenient healthy eating, Lizi’s On The Go can be slipped into handbags, briefcases or even pockets and means that you can enjoy a satisfying and filling meal wherever you are and at any time of day.

The new range includes the naturally luxurious varieties: Original; Belgian Chocolate; and Treacle and Pecan. Lizi’s Granola On The Go launches at Waitrose on 12 May at £1.29 for a single 47g serving.

The great-tasting cereal contains jumbo rolled oats, nuts and seeds that provide slow-releasing energy and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

The lactose-free milk in Lizi’s Granola On The Go means that anyone concerned about lactose intolerance won’t miss out either.

Lizi’s Granola was developed on the best “good carb” nutritional principles. It has a low GL (glycaemic load) that means that it provides a slow release of energy and keeps you going for longer, avoiding the mid-morning “lull” that can have you reaching for a snack. This is unlike sugary cereals that make blood sugar “spike” and then plummet, leading to hunger and cravings.

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