Louis XIII Cognac: L’Odyssée d’un Roi, an Ode to Adventure

Three ultimate masterpieces featuring a rare blend of Louis XIII, designed by Hermès, Puiforcat and Saint-Louis will be sold at auction by Sotheby’s, as of September 2016, with all proceeds benefiting The Film Foundation‘s cinematic heritage preservation efforts, founded by Martin Scorsese.

To pay tribute to his heritage of adventure and discovery, Louis XIII cognac, one of the world’s most storied Grande Champagne Cognacs is proud to unveil L’Odyssée d’un Roi, a unique collaborative project inspired by the first shipments of Louis XIII in the late 1870s, and the iconic journeys that followed. More than 50 individual artisans devoted over 1,000 hours produced these bespoke creations.

“It is truly the result of a work of art and genius, a veritable tribute to craftsmanship and time. Much like the time, finesse and care it takes to create Louis XIII, so it is with the process of preserving classic cinema,” said Ludovic du Plessis, Louis XIII Global Executive Director.

Sotheby’s will auction each masterpiece in New York (September 10, 2016), Hong-Kong (October 1, 2016) and London (November 16, 2016), with proceeds benefiting The Film Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Martin Scorsese and several other leading filmmakers to preserve and restore classic films, ensuring their survival for future generations.

“We’re grateful to Louis XIII for its support of The Film Foundation,” said Martin Scorsese.

“The foundation’s film preservation work protects the cinematic heritage that we all share. The partnership with Louis XIII is an excellent way to highlight the foundation’s preservation, education, and exhibition programs. No matter where or when a film was made, a century ago or a decade ago, the foundation is committed to ensuring that all films survive to be seen by future generations.”

About the traveling exhibition before the sales auctions:

After being presented in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong-Kong, L’Odyssée d’un Roi will be exhibited in New-York (May-June), Singapore (end of July), London (September) and Paris (October).

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