Luxury Tea Brand Newby Teas Unveils Limited-Edition Festive Caddy for Chinese New Year

This Chinese New Year, discerning tea drinkers will be able to celebrate the advent of the Year of the Rooster with Newby’s beautifully-designed Festive Tea Caddy, containing a limited edition, irresistible blend of Newby’s award-winning Assam tea and the finest almonds.

Providing the perfect way to add flavour to a jubilant Chinese New Year, the Rooster caddy celebrates the 10th sign of the Chinese zodiac in warm colours of gold, brown and yellow, considered lucky for those born under the sign of the Rooster. Taking inspiration from centuries-old Chinese Imperial art, the intricacy of the caddy’s design pays homage to the delicate attention to detail that was characteristic of the Imperial era.

Blended with pieces of the finest quality almond, a light, natural nutty taste perfectly complements the deep malty signature of Newby’s award-winning Assam tea, grown in remote regions of north-east India.

Nirmal Sethia, founder of Newby Teas, philanthropist and owner of the world’s largest private tea accessories collection, the Chitra Collection said: “The year of the Rooster augurs well for 2017, celebrating those who are considered to be hardworking, honest and beautiful. We designed the Rooster caddy with this in mind. At Newby Teas we live and breathe design,” he continued, “we believe tea should be a transcendent experience of passion and beauty.”

Gwen Hustwit, General Manager Creative & Marketing at Newby Teas said: “Our creative team are incredibly proud of this year’s design for Chinese New Year. We designed the caddy to reflect a fusion between East and West, drawing inspiration from Chinese Imperial art and classical Victorian wallpaper design. We wanted to celebrate this fusion between two of the world’s most fascinating cultures and the start of a new year, so it can be enjoyed with a cup of some of the Western-world’s most award winning Assam Tea.”

Newby have won more than 130 awards for their innovative products, including more than 30 from the prestigious North American Tea Championship.

Retailing at £15.00, the Festive Rooster Caddy is available exclusively online.

Source: Newby Teas

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