Madhava Continues Legacy with New ORGANIC Honey

madhava-ambrosiaMadhava Natural Sweeteners continues to expand its honey legacy with new Organic Honey and Organic Whipped Honey products now available nationwide.

The company got its start 40 years ago selling pure, all-natural honey from a farm in the foothills of Colorado, just outside of Boulder.

From its humble beginnings, Madhava has become an industry leader with a full line of delicious organic sweeteners including agave, coconut sugar, and brand new pancake and coffee syrups.

Madhava’s quest to offer a delicious ORGANIC honey took them all the way to the wildflower fields of Brazil. It was there they found the wide expanse of land needed to accommodate the 3-5 mile radius bees travel and earn organic certification.

Madhava is donating 10 cents of every jar of Organic Honey sold to nonprofits working to save the bees and enhance sustainability, part of its new corporate initiative, the Sweet Earth Project.

Madhava is kick-starting the program with a $40,000 contribution, in honor of the company’s 40th anniversary.

“We’re excited to offer these delicious Organic Honey products,” said Madhava Executive Vice President Victoria Hartman .

“And we’re thrilled to launch our Sweet Earth Project to give back and support efforts to save the bees and enhance sustainability, two things that are near and dear to our hearts.”

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