Magners Returns to Irish Heritage With New Branding

original-500ml-and-glas_660A new branding design created by Sketch Bureau‘s Fraser Reynolds, is to be launched by Irish cider brand Magners across all its products to reinforce its Irish heritage and give greater stand-out at the bar.

It reintroduces the traditional green associated with the brand when it first launched in the UK in 2005 and brings back the classic cider vat imagery inspired by Magners’ cider mill in Clonmel, Ireland.

The new design will roll out across both glass and can formats from mid-November. It follows substantial investment in a new advertising and marketing campaign, “Now Is A Good Time”, earlier this year, which focused on the brand’s Irish heritage.

Paul Condron, marketing director at Magners GB, said: “It has been important to us to recapture the values at the heart of the Magners brand, whilst creating a new and contemporary look and feel to the packaging. The new design is more modern, but with references to the iconic cider vats that people will always associate with Magners.”

For the on-trade, a new glass will also be available from November. The re-worked design will suit both draught and over-ice variants and also features the cider vat icon that is in the new pack designs.

The move aims to simplify the Magners on-trade offering and create a more streamlined look and feel for the core range and Golden Draught.

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