Maison Mumm Invites David Guetta for a Unique New Collaboration

ed4423ec-3e8b-42f8-bd2e-810621a6add4.HRTrue to its pioneering spirit and passion for innovation, Mumm is for the second time partnering with David Guetta. Sharing a passion for celebration that initially brought them together for the music video for David Guetta’s no.1 track Dangerous, Mumm’s next adventure with David Guetta brings us the first ever urban horse race.

Maison Mumm and David Guetta strengthen the celebration of victory through an innovative music video

Brought to life in the avant-garde style true to both pioneers, a new music video will be launched for the new David Guetta single. Mumm takes another innovative step forward in its expression of celebrating victory through an avant-garde video clip. In the video, the House is reimagining a sport whose triumphs are marked during two major international events for which it is the official partner: The Melbourne Cup, the prestigious flat race, and the Kentucky Derby, dubbed “the most exciting two minutes in sports.”

Mumm breaks the traditional codes and will offer its avant-garde vision of a horse race in a city through this music video, which will be released 1 November 2015.

David Guetta re-imagines Maison Mumm’s iconic Cordon Rouge bottle

5bbc700f-b611-41fe-af13-c6142f8dbc2a.HRAn exclusive new limited edition Mumm Cordon Rouge, symbolising celebration, has been designed by David Guetta. Mumm’s iconic vintage is entirely adorned in platinum for the occasion, creating a mirror effect designed to take centre stage under nightclub lighting. Launched in Paris during the reopening of the famous nightclub, Queen, this limited edition will be available worldwide in both 75cl and Magnum sizes in France, Australia, UK, Italy, Spain and other markets.

 Mumm and David Guetta invite you to join a daring digital activation

As the intense moment of celebration is at the heart of every victory, the Maison Mumm created a unique digital activation. From the beginning of October, you will be invited through our social networks to discover it.

Mumm offers a unique experience of celebration during the Melbourne Cup

The partnership is going even further, offering an amazing concert by David Guetta during the Melbourne Cup featuring Mumm. The concert will be headlining on 2 November at the Hisense Arena for One Night only – his only Australian show for 2015.

Mumm, as the official partner of this horse race, will start the celebration of this outstanding sport victory through this exceptional concert.

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