McDonald’s and Leo Burnett UK capture the excitement of waiting for a McDelivery in new OOH campaign

McDonald’s UK and creative partners Leo Burnett UK have captured the excitement of waiting for a McDelivery to arrive in its new OOH campaign ‘McDelivery Anticipation’.

Building on the existing creative platform, ‘There’s nothing quite like a McDelivery’, Leo Burnett’s latest work for McDonald’s, ‘McDelivery Anticipation’ features a series of three executions shot by renowned photographer, William Green.

Each shot shows people excitedly peeking out of their windows as they eagerly wait for their McDonald’s to arrive. The creative, which depicts people in their real homes, was based on the insight that there is no feeling quite like the excitement of waiting for a McDelivery.

The work will go live on digital out-of-home billboards from Wednesday 10th April.

Kat Howcroft, Director, Digital and Media at McDonalds UK, added: “This campaign taps into the eagerness we all experience when waiting for a McDelivery to arrive, each shot captures that small moment of joy that is felt on arrival, where the anticipation of a Maccies breakfast, or a Friday night Sharebox, is all you can think about it in those few minutes. We are excited to bring to life this fan truth in a fun out of home campaign that we hope will resonate with our customers.”

James Millers and Andrew Long, Executive Creative Directors at Leo Burnett UK, said: “Although there are more options for online food ordering than ever before, McDonald’s is truly a category of one – from the iconic products to the relatable rituals, there really is nothing quite like a McDelivery. This latest campaign builds on that platform by focusing in on the feeling of anticipation we can all relate to when we’re waiting for our McDelivery to arrive, with beautifully observed photography.”

Source: Leo Burnett UK

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