McDonald’s New Campaign Celebrates The Grandness of Grandmas

McDonald’s new campaign was created to champion the older ladies in our lives that make our family’s what they are. Created by We Are Unlimited, the new work for Mcdonald’s, consists of 30 pieces of original content.

The spots feature  loveable and wise grandmas talking about how there’s no hard feelings for liking McDonald’s Buttermilk Crispy Tenders because the delicious, high-quality tenders are so good she doesn’t have to spend time making her own and can now enjoy her life.

The campaign demonstrates this through light-hearted, humorous activities for grandma and shows the better things she has to do other than cooking… like relaxing at the pool, building puzzles of handsome models, fulfilling her dream of being a stand-up comedian, using VR goggles, online dating, etc.

Source: Little Black Book

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