McDonald’s Recreates Three of its Most Popular Items with Only Paint Swatches

July 1 is a busy day for residents of Quebec, Canada. It’s Moving Day, a yearly custom that has Quebecers packing up and setting off to their new homes.

To celebrate the annual tradition, McDonald’s Canada enlisted creative studio Cossette to design a set of delightful print campaigns.

The ads feature paint swatches stacked against each other to resemble three of McDonald’s most popular items: the Big Mac, breakfast muffin, and the chain’s iconic French fries.

“As moving and painting often go hand in hand, we decided to use paint swatches to represent popular menu items,” the studio explains. “At the same time, we reminded Quebecers that McDonald’s and moving are a perfect match.”


Client: McDonald’s Canada
Advertising Agency: Cossette, Montreal, Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Antoine Bécotte
Creative Director: Vicky Morin
Art Directors: Fabrice Bouty, Alexandre Jutras
Copywriter: François-Julien Rainville

Source: Design Taxi

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