McDonald’s UAE brings Drive-thru lessons to new drivers

Drive-thrus today are more popular than ever, however, every new driver takes time to get comfortable on the road as well as in a Drive-thru lane. McDonald’s UAE took notice of this and with the help of Studio M (powered by Publicis Groupe), decided to partner with UAE’s leading driving school, Emirates Driving Institute, to launch the world’s first Drive-Thru Program.

This lesson program was brought to life by building a temporary yet realistic-looking Drive-Thru inside the driving practice circuit of Emirates Driving Institute and collaborating with driving instructors to surprise students with a new lesson, where they were taught how to navigate through a McDonald’s Drive-Thru. The setup was exactly like any other McDonald’s Drive-Thru in terms of looks and navigation. Along the way, the instructors guided the students to be accurate with their turns, stops and speed. 

“Drive-thru is more popular than ever in the UAE. It’s one of the most convenient ways to pick up something on the road. But while it adds comfort and convenience to people’s lives, one thing was left unaddressed: how to drive in a Drive-Thru,” explains Kalpesh Patankar, Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett UAE.

“Our Drive-Thru service brings convenience to our community and we want new drivers to experience it and learn how to seamlessly navigate through its lanes, while creating memorable experiences,” says Walid Fakih, CEO at McDonald’s UAE.

McDonald’s UAE aims to reactivate The Drive-thru Program in 2023.

Source: Publicis Groupe

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