Mike’s Hard Lemonade Challenges Fans With Mikehacks

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co., best recognized for its iconic mike’s hard lemonade that defined the Flavored Malt Beverage category (FMB), is now arming consumers with a fresh take on life hacks, called mikehacks, which are ingenious ways to make summer occasions like backyard barbeques, pool parties, and summer picnics, even better. The program offers ideas, expert guidance and challenges for fans to craft and share their own #mikehacks at getmikehacks.com.

Featuring video tutorials and step-by-step blueprints for turning everyday items into mikehacks – from a “flavor fountain” that transforms plastic pools into a three-tiered, flowing drink cooler to a “bitty-q” that converts a mike’s hard lemonade can into a personal grill to a candle created from bacon fat – the program is designed to inspire and challenge fans to find new and creative ways to enhance ordinary social occasions this summer.

“At its core, mike’s is a life hack. We don’t just take lemons and make lemonade, we go a little further and tap into our tinkering spirit to make it hard lemonade,” said Sanjiv Gajiwala, director, marketing activation, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. “The mikehacks campaign champions our spirit of ingenuity with our loyal consumers to help them bring mike’s flavor to their summer events.”

The multi-platform, integrated program will extend across digital and social channels including 15-second pre-roll video packages showcasing six different mikehacks carried out in a variety of summertime occasions. Content will be featured on Woven networks, Discovery, Instructables and BuzzFeed this summer. A series of video tutorials created by life hackers Kipkay and The King of Random will also encourage fans to build their own mikehacks for the chance to win prizes all summer long.

All the digital content culminates in the getmikehacks.com tumblr site where fans can view, engage and share their hacking genius.

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