Mini Babybel Singles Out Convenience Sector With New Format

3d_single_mby_fnlBel UK is tapping into the fast-growing food-to-go market this autumn with the launch of Mini Babybel Single – an individually wrapped and barcoded portion of the cheese snack in shelf-ready packaging, set to boost sandwich fixture sales for retailers.

With more than 50% of Mini Babybel consumption already coming from lunch out of the home, the launch of the Single sku is set to maximise even further the growing number of ‘on-the-go’ occasions where shoppers can purchase the brand. Cheese is included in 27% of adult packed lunches and 36% of children’s lunchboxes, so there is a significant opportunity to boost the presence of cheese in the lunch occasion, which Mini Babybel Single is set to do.

Mini Babybel Single is available in a strongly branded, 20g shelf-ready case containing 30 portions of cheese, with an RSP of 40p per portion. The handy cases have been designed to slot perfectly into a retailer’s sandwich and chilled snacks fixture, in a bid to drive impulse sales.

The product is rolling out across the UK’s convenience estate from 8th September, including independents, symbol groups and multiple convenience stores. It will gradually replace the brand’s existing convenience-focused sku, Mini Babybel 2Go, which contains two portions of the cheese snack per pack. The switch to a single serve portion has been based on consumer insight that shoppers prefer the convenience and portion control of a single snack at lunchtime, as opposed to a duo pack.

Steve Gregory, Bel UK Marketing Director, says: “It’s hard to ignore the growth of the convenience market and convenience retailers have been crying out for a single serve Mini Babybel – rightly so, as it’s their No. 1 cheese snack brand and also the only brand to target effectively both adults and kids.

“It was a natural move for us to launch Mini Babybel Single, allowing us to drive lunchtime sales and impulse purchase at sandwich fixtures. Shoppers are browsing the sandwich fixture for something a little bit different and Mini Babybel Singles offer a healthier, handy option for grabbing lunch on the go, plus a little bit of fun.”

Mini Babybel is the UK’s No.1 cheese snack, with 23.9% value share and growing by 2.6%.

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