Nestlé Maggi Fusian Noodles Unveils ‘Fists of Fusian’

The first-ever Kung Fu movie written by the internet has been a box office smash, achieving hundreds of captions and votes from Facebook fans, and more than 4.1 million viral impressions for Nestlé Maggi Fusian noodles, in a year-long campaign created by MercerBell.

Fists of Fusian – The Movie, which can now be viewed on the Fists of Fusian YouTube channel, is the culmination of the campaign, bringing together the best audience contributed captions from each episode.

“As a newcomer in the Asian noodles category, Maggi had to find a way to engage their Gen Y audience,” said Carmela Soares, Digital Creative Director at MercerBell.

“So we bought a Kung Fu movie in Mandarin and decided to let the audience tell the story. We broke the film into episodes and let people write the subtitles in English. Fans could vote for their favourite clips and the winning clips have been edited back together, to form the world’s first crowd-sourced Kung Fu film.”

The movie trailer created by MercerBell that kicked off the campaign achieved almost 455,000 views, while the video captioning app received more than 22,800 views. There were 577 videos captioned and an average of 756 votes per episode, with new episodes available to caption every month.

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