New Baileys Flavour Celebrates the Selfie with Stylish Shots on the Go

Diageo Baileys LogoIn celebration of Baileys Chocolate Cherry Irish Cream Liqueur, the newest addition to the Baileys Liqueur collection, the brand is returning to the streets of New York City’s Meatpacking District for the second annual Stylish Shots on the Go event. Inspired by the flavour’s signature shot, the Cherry Bombshell, Baileys is helping to create selfie-worthy looks and empower women to show off their inner glam. Armed with photographer and founder Annie Vasquez and DreamDry hair stylists, Baileys will handle the selfie process from A-Z for all passersby. Every coif will be tamed and styled and poses will be struck in celebration of the new Baileys flavour.

The pop-up selfie station will be held at the intersection of 14th Street, 9th Ave and Hudson Street on Friday, October 10th and Saturday, October 11th, from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM each night. To learn more about new Chocolate Cherry and to sample the signature Cherry Bombshell shot prior to the event on Friday October 10th, visit Gaslight from 5-7pm and Serafina from 7-9pm, two of Meatpacking’s premier hotspots. You can also enjoy specialty Baileys cocktails at The Chester on both Friday and Saturday evenings.

Diageo Baileys CherryThe new liqueur is a modern update on the classic Irish Cream that blends the flavours of luscious chocolate and seductive dark cherries for a unique Baileys taste experience. Baileys shots are designed to easily re-create at home to add a personal touch of style to any occasion. To accessorize your night with a Cherry Bombshell, simply mix one ounce of Baileys Chocolate Cherry with half an ounce of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and serve in a chilled shot glass rimmed with chocolate syrup and accessorize with a cherry.

“With the launch of new Baileys Chocolate Cherry, modern women everywhere can take delight in the innovative new flavor that takes the spirit of Baileys to the next level,” said Stephanie Jacoby, Liqueurs Brand Director at Diageo. “We had so much fun with Stylish Shots on the Go last year that we couldn’t resist taking over Meatpacking district again, only this time, to celebrate the Cherry Bombshell shot by creating an atmosphere where guests can let their inner bombshell shine through.”

Baileys Chocolate Cherry is now available nationwide wherever spirits-based beverages are sold for a suggested retail price of $21 for a 750 ml bottle.

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