New Brand Environment for Caviar House & Prunier

The most recent concept launch for Caviar House & Prunier at Heathrow Terminal 3 takes inspiration from the new contemporary brand aesthetic launched earlier this year at Heathrow Terminal 4. The 360-degree island bar at the heart of the luxury fashion house retail area, delivers a premium hospitality experience for Caviar House & Prunier, recognised globally for producing the best Prunier caviar and Balik salmon.

Caulder Moore designed the seafood experience bar with careful consideration to maximise multiple viewpoints and customer journeys. The dramatic brand signage drives footfall by being highly visible from all angles.

Conscious of reinforcing a visual sense of place, the full height infinity mirrors create a show-stopping moment. This unique signature design language is also reflected through the bespoke linear feature lighting.

It was important to design the sculptural elements around the columns to overcome the height restrictions whilst also creating new site-specific design features, to ensure every Caviar House & Prunier Experience bar is unique and special.

‘Our latest collaboration with Caulder Moore has created yet another exciting, stunning expression of the brand, and is already proving a magnet for customers both new and existing in this key location’ – Suhail Rebeiz, Caviar House & Prunier UK

Source: Caulder Moore

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