New Foodie App Connects Home Cooks with Local Eaters

New community based food delivery app, Trybe, has launched in London to help connect enthusiastic home cooks with their hungry neighbours. From Caribbean to Japanese, Trybe makes it possible for anyone to set up a restaurant in their own kitchen by creating a menu which changes daily. It’s the perfect way to try delicious authentic craft meals not currently available anywhere else, whether from traditional eateries or other apps.

The new app uses a postcode-based delivery service in a growing number of areas within London, providing the convenience expected by many busy professionals. However, a growing number of people now prefer to collect the meal themselves, allowing them to hear the story behind the food they eat and to establish a connection with their neighbours.

Food is usually delivered within one hour or ready for collection after 45 minutes with the Trybe app keeping customers updated along the way. For those who like to plan ahead a pre-order option is also available. With the average meal costing £6, the app is set to be a smash hit with students and anyone on a budget.

trybe-meta-image-2Meeting the demand for convenient real food, Trybe is resonating well in vegan, gluten-free and health conscious communities too with dozens of passionate specialty cooks and tasty recipes to choose from.

The Trybe community is also helping to support micro entrepreneurs such as food bloggers, street food vendors and culinary students by allowing them to earn extra income from doing what they love. Each cook is assessed and approved by the Trybe team ensuring their quality and freshness is verified.

Co-founder Ilkka Salo says: “Many health conscious people want to avoid takeaways or ready meals but don’t always have time to cook from scratch. The Trybe app changes this by delivering authentic home cooking to hungry people, helping to form new connections within the community as a result.”

Trybe matches hungry customers to their neighbourhood cooks by using proprietary technology based on proximity, past orders and set preferences. Trybe started in East London but will be opening in the first week of October in North London. With a delivery area covering most of Central London Trybe is set to reach Greater London and other major UK cities by the new year.

Source: Trybe

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