New Oxo Ads by JWT London Offer Some Halloween-Inspired Recipes

5d3ad6e4-dbf6-489e-ad90-b7671b2ce1e8J. Walter Thompson London has launched a series of tactical press ads for Oxo.

Each ad features a ghoulishly spooky recipe that will turn family favourite dishes into Halloween-themed treats for the family to enjoy (in between scoffing sweets and chocolate).

With dishes on offer such as Dragon’s Fire Pumpkin Soup, Newt Stew and Spicy Bat Wings, the long copy ads feature a full recipe with added spooky puns and seasonal jokes to bring them to life.

8b16b065-4215-4cde-bd38-8ffc3b6969a1The ads broke October 28, giving people ample time to get all the ingredients (and family) together to conjure up these devilishly delectable dishes.

Naz Nazli, creative at J. Walter Thompson London, said: “Halloween is the perfect time to put some show stoppers on the family table, and these recipes add some hubble, bubble boil and trouble to an ordinary dinner plate.”

Source: Little Black Book

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