Newby Teas of London Unveils 2016’s Christmas Gifting Selection

For Christmas 2016 high-end tea company Newby Teas of London presents a range of teas that are the perfect indulgence for the holiday season: providing a healthier, calming alternative to traditional Christmas winter warmers. Options include both stocking fillers and substantial luxury gift boxes.

silken-pyramidsLimited edition Silken Pyramids Gift Box

Each box contains 15 individual Silken Pyramids – luxury quality biodegradable pyramid-shaped pockets containing whole leaf tea – individually sealed in a multi-layer foil sachet at the company’s state-of-the-art preservation and packing facility in Kolkata – the only one of its kind in the world. The process keeps the tea in optimal condition, ensuring that the fragrance and taste remains fresh and delicious.

Nirmal Sethia, philanthropist, founder of Newby Teas, and owner of the world’s largest private tea accessories collection, said: “Silken Pyramid teas have gone from strength to strength, proving to be an ever-popular choice with tea connoisseurs and newcomers alike. In celebration of this, I am delighted to announce that this gift box will be available as a limited edition for this holiday season for people to experience the joy of a truly fresh cup of high quality tea with their loved ones this Christmas.”

“At the heart of everything we do is our commitment to promoting tea culture and to making the world a better place by helping others,” he continued.

Newby Teas is 45% owned by a charitable foundation – which provides funds that helps, along with other charitable work, to train surgeons in advanced surgery techniques and for autism research – adding to the Christmas spirit of these gifts.

From Newby’s premium gift set range, the Taster Selection features 4 varieties of green and black tea Silken Pyramids. Featuring English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Jasmine Princess and Masala Chai, there are five beautiful sachets of each to try.

Price: £20 for 50g gift box

christmas-carousel-collectionThe Christmas Carousel Collection

Designed by Sarah Perry, who has previously worked by Royal appointment, this unique collection of festive tea tins is ideal for the discerning Christmas shopper.

Offering both black and green teas, take a ride through a spectrum of fine tea flavour. The black teas within the range are Lion’s Assam, Zebra’s Vanilla and Elephant’s Masala.

Price: £20 for 75g gift box

The Zodiac Collection

A sensational selection of 12 luxury Newby teas in chic mini caddies, individually decorated with Swarovski star constellations for each sign of the zodiac. Presented in a sophisticated lacquered wooden case, the luxurious Zodiac Collection is a uniquely stylish, healthy and personalised gift.

zodiaccollection_christmasgifting2016Made only with leaves from the finest 5% of teas in the World, picked at their most tender, the classic black, green and oolong teas are picked and then foil wrapped for guaranteed freshness.

Retailing at £110 for the whole set it provides a fantastic introduction to fine black, green and oolong teas at their finest. Alternatively, each caddy can be bought individually for £7.50, making it the perfect stocking filler.

12 mini-caddies, each containing 25g of black, green or oolong tea, are adorned by constellations of Swarovski crystals.

Price: £110 for 300g gift box; £7.50 individual caddies

Newby Gourmet Miniatures Gift Set

gourmet-miniatures-gift-setThe perfect introduction to award-winning tea at its finest. Each beautifully designed mini-caddy is reminiscent of the classical colours of a perfect Christmas, all presented in an outer box as white and pure as winter’s first snowfall.

To be released in late Autumn, The quintet of rare loose leaf teas is hand-harvested and is quite possibly some of the best tea available in the Western world.

Price: TBC

Source: Newby Teas of London

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