Newcastle Brown Ale Lampoon Super Bowl with ‘Mega Huge Football Game’ Ad

Newcastle Brown Ale is seeking to gain a slice of the Super Bowl advertising action without the hassle and expense of actually commissioning an ad and buying screen time – by firing up a tongue-in-cheek caricature of some of the bloated real-life offerings the game provides.

The Heineken owned brand has teamed up with Droga5 to lampoon the over the over inflated marketing spiels for its ‘If We Made It’ campaign which ostensibly seeks to celebrate a non-existent ad which would have been made – if the brand had the money to make it.

This takes the form of an ‘ad for the trailer for the ad for our beer’ in a transparent effort to drum up anticipation – a goal it is accomplishing having racked up over 25k YouTube hits since being posted on January 23.

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