No Added Sugar Innovation From Yazoo Brand In Flavoured Milk Drinks


YAZOO, the No.1 flavoured milk drinks brand from FrieslandCampina, is introducing a ground-breaking No Added Sugar milk drink. After more than two years in development, new YAZOO No Added Sugar is expected to generate in excess of £7million incremental sales to the milk drinks category in its first year.



Available to wholesalers and convenience retailers from September 2016, YAZOO No Added Sugar is the first milk drink of its kind to contain only naturally occurring sugars and no artificial sweeteners. The fresh semi skimmed milk used to make YAZOO milk drinks contains approx. 5% milk sugars called Lactose. By harnessing an advanced manufacturing process which splits the Lactose into Glucose and Galactose, FrieslandCampina has created a taste that is four times sweeter than Lactose only. That means there is no need to add any extra sugar or artificial sweeteners to make the product taste great.


YAZOO is famous for simple, uncomplicated flavours and No Added Sugar is without exception. After extensive flavour testing, the new product is being launched in three delicious variants: Strawberry, Banana and Toffee. Parents with children between five and twelve years scored it in the top 25% of all NPD tested and gave it a high score for purchase intent.

The new product will be available in a 200ml bottle and sold individually as well as in 4 x 200ml format. The 200ml bottle offers easy portion control for parents and is ideal for lunch boxes. As well as having No Added Sugar the product also has a number of other positive health benefits which are important to parents, including:

  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Naturally rich in calcium & protein
  • Source of Vitamin B2 – helps release of energy from food
  • Low in fat
  • Schools approved

FrieslandCampina continues building its confirmed listings ahead of September. To support the launch, the company will invest in a heavyweight marketing campaign to drive distribution, awareness and trial. The activity will include PR and social media targeting mums as well as sampling.


Tracey Barney, Managing Director, FrieslandCampina UK says: “As a world class dairy company, we focus on producing healthy, nutritious, well-balanced and delicious dairy products. 9 out of 10 parents in the UK buy their children dairy snacks but only half buy milk drinks. So we wanted to create a milk drink that the 8 million families would want to buy regularly, rather than just as a treat. YAZOO No Added Sugar is the result of a significant £1 million investment and two years of research and product development. We are delighted with the feedback we have received from parents with children who gave the product a big thumbs-up for its great taste, healthy credentials and purchase intent.

“Customers across the trade have responded positively to the steps we are taking as a business on sugar. They’ve not only recognised the measures we’ve taken to reduce the sugar content of our core YAZOO product by over 15% in the last eight years, they’ve also welcomed the recent launch of Optiwell and now the new YAZOO No Added Sugar product to our portfolio. We are therefore setting our sights on delivering an incremental £7 million in value sales from YAZOO No Added Sugar in the first year.”

Source: FrieslandCampina

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