NotCo & GUT present: Not So Happy Animals – A campaign that questions the dark reality of the food industry.

The plant-based food brand questions the representation of happy animals in the logos of the food we buy every day.

Today, NotCo, in collaboration with creative agency GUT Mexico City, debuted a new campaign titled “Not So Happy Animals,” which focuses on raising awareness and promoting the adoption of a plant-based diet with a creative use of juxtaposition.

“Not So Happy Animals” follows the satirical stories of several animals – a chicken, a cow, a pig, and more, cheerily singing about their sad and tragic lifes, while being marketed and pictured as happy. Towards the end of the video, the campaign provides a call-to-action that starting today, anyone in the US can go to and scan animal logos commonly found in public spaces. When they scan the logos, they are  brought to life using AR and reveal a message about the animal in the form of a song. People will also be directed to discover and purchase one of the NotCo plant based products created by chefs with the help of AI.

“We frequently find restaurants, butcher shops and even frozen food brands that use happy animals in their logos. We are so used to seeing this in advertising that we often overlook the reality behind those smiles. The idea for this campaign was born from questioning: what would really make these animals happy?” said Guido Donadio and Sebastian Regiani, ECDs at GUT.

“To change the conversation about the origin of our food, we aim to bring to life this deep disturbing insight in a fun light-hearted way. NotCo’s DNA is to revolutionize the food industry and we are very happy that this interactive campaign is a way to shine a light on the everyday choices we make about what goes on our plates.” Explained Lou Mckerrow, VP & Global Head of Marketing of NotCo.

Presenting themselves as a major disruptor in the industry through its proprietary AI platform, the latest campaign by NotCo and GUT aligns with their goal to provoke conversations about animal-based foods, and to provide a spotlight towards reinventing a new food system for not only everyone, everywhere, but for the betterment of the planet. 

“We know that a campaign with these levels of irony and a simple but powerful insight is not common. As a result, we created the application, with the mission to provide people with the necessary tools to actively participate in the campaign (via the webapp) and invite them to try our products with a discount. At GUT, we believe that no provocation is complete without providing a space where people can take concrete actions, so we thought this would be a perfect way to do that,” said Ramiro Rodriguez Cohen, CCO at GUT.


  • Agency: GUT
  • Client: NotCo
  • Product: NotCo
  • Campaign: Not So Happy Animals
  • Material: 2 min film.
  • Territory: México and the US
  • Launching date: Jan 24, 2024
  • CCO: Ramiro Rodriguez Cohen 
  • ECDs: Sebastian Regiani y Guido Donadio
  • Art director: Guido Donadio
  • Copywriter: Sebastian Regiani
  • Lyrics: Guido Donadio, Sebastian Regiani, Jeffrey Schermer, Rachel Fund, Saimon Arce.
  • Account Director: Simón Arce 
  • Head of production: Paula Sanchez
    Sr. Producer: Francis Peña
  • Sr. Strategist: Renata Castro
  • Content Lead: Geraldine Salcedo
  • Animador webapp: Manuel Montes de Oca, Marcela Chávez & Marco Antonio Carranza
  • Ilustrador webapp: Pablo Peña & Marco Antonio Carranza
  • Production House: PRIMO México
  • Director: Martin Jalfen y Mike Usandivaras
  • Managing Director: Jaime Vidal
  • Production Director: Omar Uscanga 
  • Executive Producer: Odille Mondragón
  • Assistant P.E.: Alexa Pereda
  • Director de Fotografía: Mariano Monti 
  • 1ST AD: Germán Zecchi
  • Directora de Arte: Lucía Rodriguez
  • Vestuario: Alejandra Rosasco
  • Servicio de producción, Uruguay: Metanoia
  • Editor: Giacomo Prestinari
  • Coordinación de postproducción: Ellas Post, Daniela Balcazar.
  • Animation Company: BITT 
  • Animation Directors: Javier Laurenco & Álvaro Ortega Bianchi
  • HOP: Pilar Ramirez y Mariela Fabregas
  • Executive Producer: Guada Tellado 
  • Producer: Julia Novio
  • Coordination: Mailen Gayoso
    Música: Papa Music
  • Corrección de Color: Nadia Khairat 
  • Augmented Reality Agency: Genosha
  • Tech Director: Martin Rabaglia
  • Project Manager: Paula Martinez
  • UX Design : Lautaro Sanchez
  • Visual Desinger: Belén Rosati
  • AR Developers : Juan Cruz Rabaglia, Angela “Volko” Curzi 
  • QA: Lautaro Gennari
  • Client: NotCo
  • VP and Global Head of Marketing: Louise McKerrow
  • Global Brand Director: Bernadette Mac Dermott
    VP of Marketing US: Shelly Huang
  • Brand Manager US: Jessica Bernstein 
  • Media Director US: Daniella Elvira
  • PR Agency: ABMC

Source: GUT Mexico City

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