Nude Brand Creation develop branding and packaging for new spirit LUNEOIR.

November 2022 saw the launch of exciting new spirit LUNEOIR with branding and packaging by Nude Brand Creation. Working closely with LUNEOIR founders, entrepreneur Julius Bucher and world renowned bartender Arnd Henning Heißen, Nude have created a bespoke sprayed glass, plus luxurious label graphics and branding that together with the unique liquid goes “Beyond the Known”.

Luneoir is the collaboration Arnd and Julius, who share a common passion for agave spirits. Arnd knows exactly what makes a great drink and his mixing philosophy is characterised by the synergy of aromas, culture and colours. For him it is all about the overall sensory experience. Together with Julius, they wanted to develop a new aromatic taste experience.  By blending unique Eau de Vies with the best quality tequila, LUNEOIR opens up a completely new world of sensory experience that is much more complex, rounded and exciting that a normal agave spirit. 

The complex flavour profile of this unique spirit and the careful combination of components is captured in the intricate glass detail of the bottle. The rich colour applied to the glass and in the label is inspired the tones of the Blue Weber Agave but with added depth and complexity, and it complemented by the warm copper tones which add splendour. The refined and carefully crated LUNEOIR identity evokes the language of fine fragrance where Arnd draws so much inspiration.

Julius Bucher, founder of LUNEOIR, said “our ambition is to create the highest quality spirit and we knew we needed to surround ourselves with the best experts in their fields. With their extensive experience in luxury spirits, Nude were the perfect partners. Their creativity together with their knowledge and passion has been invaluable. It has been an incredible journey and the feedback so far on both bottle and liquid is beyond what I could have ever imagined.”

Mike Parsonson, Creative Partner at Nude said “we were drawn to Julius and Arnd’s passion and drive for this project, and their ambition to create something truly unique. Arnd’s appreciation for the overall sensory experience spirits can create was the inspiration for the branding and packaging and we are very proud of what we have all created together.”

The limited batch of LUNEOIR 2021 is available this month and is perfect for drinking straight or as ingredient for cocktails. Revel in the new. Resist the ordinary. Embrace the moment. 

Source: Nude Brand Creation

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