Independent NY agency tells the heartwarming story of a hardworking family and its funny stuffed animals in the iconic brand’s new campaign.

Nutella® is launching a new brand campaign that combines a heartwarming mix of sweetness and laughter to encourage families to spread the love at the breakfast table. The campaign, which is the brand’s first exclusively North American effort in seven years, was created by the brand’s creative AOR, Terri & Sandy.

Nutella was founded 60 years ago in Italy and has grown into one of the most beloved hazelnut spreads around the world. The new campaign spotlights a loving family and their stuffed animals to show how Nutella can make any breakfast a special occasion. The approach is summed up in the new tagline being introduced in this campaign, “Spread the Love.”

The centerpiece is a :15 broadcast spot that tells an endearing story of two young children and their father creating a special surprise breakfast for their mother who is working the nightshift as a nurse. She returns home in the early morning to find a piece of banana bread with a heart-shaped swirl of Nutella waiting for her. Supporting the spot is a series of social media videos featuring the kids’ stuffed animals who, it turns out, are wishing they too could have Nutella for breakfast.

The :15 spot will run across broadcast, CTV and YouTube. The videos will run across Meta, with additional video and still assets running on Pinterest. Both the TV and social videos will appear in English and Spanish versions. A selection of the videos can be seen here and here.

The new marketing strategy drives home Nutella’s global equity of creating joy around breakfast and provides a unique opportunity to create a deeper connection with American and Canadian families around breakfast—particularly Gen X and Millennial parents who are always looking to create special moments through food.

“With the campaign focused on bringing people together around the breakfast table, where Nutella can elevate any stack of pancakes or toast, Nutella will continue to win pantry space in homes across North America,” said Noah Szporn, Senior Vice President, Spreads at Ferrero® North America. “Alongside our partners at Terri & Sandy, we could not be more excited about the campaign that brings to life what our brand stands for: positivity, togetherness, and family.”

“We’ve crafted a campaign that presents Nutella as the secret ingredient in a heartwarming family breakfast, with a TV spot that tugs at the heart strings and social assets that allow us to lean into the sweet humor of the brand,” said Chris Cannon of Terri & Sandy.

Terri & Sandy became the North American creative AOR for Nutella in 2019. WPP’s Mindshare handles media duties.

Source: Terri & Sandy

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